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The Journey Towards Decarbonization

While the push to decarbonization is a universal one — we are all facing similar carbon neutrality deadlines — the skills and expertise you bring to the job site are unique to the industry or industries you serve. So, whether your focus is on mining, heavy construction, roadbuilding or light construction projects, you need a net-zero strategy that best meets your needs and goals. SMS Equipment can help you formulate that strategy, then bring it to bear with a wealth of available options, each designed to address specific needs and demands. These include: fully electric equipment with zero emissions, expertise in alternative fuel technology, equipment with hybrid capabilities to dramatically reduce standard emission rates, technologies that improve onsite efficiencies, and more.

Your operation, your decarbonization strategy, our support to bring it all together.

Electrifying Opportunities

It’s the conversion people thought would never happen. Almost from its initial concept, the switch from gasoline- or diesel-powered engines to electric power has been rife with predictions of failure. Yet, today, recognizing the world’s need to greatly reduce dependence on fossil fuels, almost every major auto and truck manufacturer either offers an electric vehicle (EV) or has plans to debut one soon. 

That same level of forward thinking extends to today’s equipment manufacturers, many of whom are already seeing their EV machines at work at jobsites around the world. Inherently cleaner, quieter, cooler, and more efficient, electrification of the job site, like the embrace of mainstream EVs, is being seen for the positive change that it is. Here at SMS, we’ve long recognized the critical role EV machines will play in the push to decarbonization. To that end, we’ve established strategic partnerships with many of the OEMs who are so integral in successfully bringing this massive change to your job site.

Not all revolutions begin with a bang — some start with simple spark. Let SMS Equipment help you on your journey to electrification.

Hybrid Technology

To meet the needs of customers who choose not to embrace full equipment electrification, the use of hybrid technology can be a viable alternative. Similar in concept to traditional hybrid passenger vehicles, hybrid heavy equipment captures the kinetic energy generated from repetitive motion (the swing of an excavator or the breaking action of an asphalt compactor, for example), converts it and uses it to charge onboard batteries. The result is reduced reliance on a dedicated equipment charging infrastructure, little to no loss of available power to the machine and a significant reduction in fuel usage, ultimately resulting in a cleaner operation. Alternative hybrid approaches include the use of two separate power sources — diesel and electric — in one machine. This allows for full electric operation when noise or fumes are a concern and diesel operation when they are not.

Working with major OEMs — some of whom have pioneered hybrid technology for heavy equipment — SMS Equipment can determine if this innovative solution should be a key component in your carbon reduction strategy, then help implement the changes. 

Contact SMS Equipment today to see if your journey to decarbonization should start with a trip down the “Hy-Way.” 

Alternative Fuels

Diesel, once the dominant fuel source in mines and on job sites, is slowly being supplanted by alternatives. Driven by the push to decarbonization, both existing and emerging fuels are either poised to make an impact or are — as is the case with natural gas — already doing so. At SMS, we strive to stay abreast of continually evolving developments, see the applicability they hold for our customers, examine the breadth of variables that can impact each fuel’s degree of success on an operation, and provide the in-house expertise to bring it all to bear. 

Because there is no alternative to excellent support. 

Fuel Saving Solutions

At SMS Equipment, we are poised to help you, our customer, as you embark on this challenging, yet ultimately fulfilling, journey. Working alongside a host of OEMs — many of whom are spearheading the effort toward net zero emissions goals through major product refinements — we have assembled a team of specialists, each committed to helping ensure your transition to decarbonization is a smooth one. In so doing, the full journey, from learning what solutions exist, to which work best for your operation, to deployment and implementation, becomes the positive, transformative experience it needs to be.

Decarbonization is a big step that needs to be taken — you shouldn’t have to take it alone.

More than just another buzzword or trend that is sure to pass, the push toward decarbonization is industry’s very real answer to climate change — an issue that threatens to change life as we know it. By moving away from energy systems that emit carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases, industry is committing to dramatic changes that will ultimately do more than simply meet a pre-set goal. It will help ensure a habitable environment for future generations, while at the same time making their organizations stronger, more competitive, more efficient and, yes, better stewards of the planet.
Electrification of the mine is no longer a pipe-dream — it’s real and it’s possible. When you’ve determined that you’re ready, we can help you plug in.
Hybrid Technology
Considering hybrid technology? We’ve already done a lot of the leg work for you. With hybrid products to meet your excavation (large and small) and asphalt compaction needs, SMS Equipment can quickly and easily have you at innovation’s doorstep. 

Explore the Hy-Way
Alternative Fuels
What are the options? Which equipment is alt-fuel ready? What limitations, if any, exist?
Fuel Saving Solutions
Waiting for fuel costs to drop is not a tenable strategy — employing solutions that maximize fuel efficiency is. Fortunately, the options for doing so, in areas ranging from haulage to earthmoving and more, are many and growing all the time.

True savings await — let us take you there

Komatsu GHG Alliance

Through the alliance framework, Komatsu’s GHG partners will work directly with Komatsu to actively collaborate on product planning, development, testing and deployment of the next generation of zero-emission mining equipment and infrastructure. The alliance’s initial target is advancing Komatsu’s power agnostic truck concept for a haulage vehicle that can run on a variety of power sources including diesel electric, electric, trolley (wired), battery power and even hydrogen fuel cells.

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